May 4, 2011



Beegu by Alexis Deacon
Illustrated by Alexis Deacon

     "Beegu was not supposed to be here. She was lost."  Her flying saucer has crashed and Beegu is just trying to make her way in a new land, where nobody seems to understand her.    She doesn't like being alone and she's trying to make friends but she's had no luck.  All the adults she comes across have rejected her.   Beegu comes across a group of kids in a school yard and joins them in their games.  They love the three eyed alien and give her a red hula-hoop as a gift after their teacher kicks Beegu out of the yard.  When her family rescues her, Beegu tells them about the unfriendly Earth creatures, "but there were some small ones who seemed hopeful."
     Deacon illustrations are quirky and interesting.  The colors are unexpected and Beegu's glowing yellow skin contrast with the dark tones he uses for Earth.   Beegu will connect with all the "misunderstood" little ones at home.

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