Jun 15, 2011

Blue Hat, Green Hat

Blue Hat, Green Hat

Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton

     I was talking to a good friend today and she asked if I had included any board books in my blog.  I realized that, after months of blogging, I had failed to include a single board book so I'm doing it today.  Blue Hat, Green Hat was one of my son's favorite board books.  He's four now, and still gets a kick out of it.  An elephant, a moose, a bear, and a turkey are getting dressed. Somehow though, the turkey always manages to mess it up.  The elephant puts on a blue hat, the moose a green hat, and the bear a red hat, but the turkey puts the hat on his feet. The text is simple since much of the story is told through the illustrations: "red shirt, blue shirt, yellow shirt, oops."  The oops is always the turkey (who in this case tried to wear the shirt as pants).  The repetition reinforces the knowledge of colors and clothing and kids memorize it quickly and will start reading it aloud to you soon.  By the way,  we have every Boynton board book at home, and we go back to them all the time...my four year old now "reads" them to his younger sister.

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