Jun 10, 2011

The Book with a Hole

The Book with a Hole

The Book with a Hole by Herve Tullet

    Not to be redundant, but The Book with a Hole is exactly that, a book with a hole.  The mouth you see on the cover is the hole, so as you open the book, there is a gigantic circle missing, a hole you can see through.  As you begin to flip the pages of this imaginative and clever book, Tullet incorporates the hole into different drawings.  The hole becomes a plate set at the table, "What are you going to eat now?"; the mouth of  a monster, "What are you going to feed it?"; the face of a king, the center of a flower...Along the way, Tullet is always interacting with the reader, asking him direct questions and giving him direct instructions (just as he does in he wonderful book Press Here).  One of my favorites includes a page where he has drawn a city skyline and asks you to find something around you that could be placed through the hole to make the tallest building.  There are also built in boardgames, mazes and visual tricks spread throughout The Book with a Hole.
     The Book with a Hole is definitely a book out of the ordinary. It's interactive, creative and very entertaining.  It encourages kids and adults to think outside the book, through the hole.  As Tullet tells us at the end his book: "I'm sure you'll think of some other ideas too..."

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