Jun 6, 2011

Night Day: A book of Eye-Catching Opposites

Night/Day: A Book of Eye-Catching Opposites

Night/Day: A Book of Eye-Catching Opposites by Herve Tullet

     Night/Day: A Book of Eye-Catching Opposites is a very interesting book in its composition.  It has die-cut holes in the center of every other page; you see a concept in one page, such as Day in its front cover, and then as you see through the whole and turn the page, you find its opposite, in this case Night.  The pairing get more and more creative and the illustrations are visually stunning.  There are some incredible pairings that will make you flip back and forth between the pages more than once (such as the snail for Slow that runs into the wheel of a race car for Fast).  The only issue I have with the book is that some of the opposites are not so much that but more like pairings of relating concepts (such as dad and mom).  At the same time though, it offers a great way of introducing new vocabulary and concepts and there is no doubt that the presentation of the book and its illustration will captivate any reader.

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