Jul 24, 2011

Lights Out

Lights Out

Lights Out By Arthur Geisert

     Piglet knows his parents are firm when they say that lights must be out by eight o'clock.  But he is really afraid of falling asleep in the dark. They told him "If you can figure something out -go ahead." So he did.  The little piglet is a master of engineering and what he creates is an amazing "mouse-trap" like contraption which starts with a cord he pulls at exactly 8 o'clock and travels all over his house (and backyard) until in ends up clicking the night-stand lamp off 20 minutes later -once piglet has fallen asleep.  Each page of the book shows in detail the different elements of his contraption.  Using dominoes, sand, pulleys, balls, bats, cords, strings, kinetic energy and tons of imagination, the little piglet is able to create a chain reaction that allows enough time to pass so he can drift asleep before the light goes out.
     Lights Out is full of wonder and ingenuity.  It's beautifully detailed illustrations draw you in to discover all the cause and effect of piglet's amazing contraption. Geisert has created a book to delight all ages and awake the inner architect/engineer in all of us.

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