Jul 23, 2011

The Troubled Village

The Troubled Village

The Troubled Village by Simon Henwood

     The people of the Trouble Village are always competing with each other to see who has more problems. "The longer the list of problems they had, the prouder everyone seemed to become." On a stormy night, people where running all over the place pulling off roof tiles and breaking their own windows, "trying to make it look as though the storm had done all the damage." Suddenly, more trouble than anybody expected came to their village when a large piece of sky fell. The villagers where amazed and when one of them leaned in to see a star up close, he fell in and one by one they all fell behind him. Thankfully, the last villager was able to hold on and pulled everybody back to safety. Realizing that they needed to work together, the villagers worked as a team and put the sky back up but they couldn't keep it up -"no glue or sticky tape would hold it place." The only solution was to hold it up with a stick, so from then on, the villagers took turns holding the sky up, "and any other troubles were soon forgotten."
     The Troubled Village is a clever and fun story. The illustrations are interesting and have an old feeling to them. It reads like a tale that could be used for storytelling.

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