Jul 22, 2011

Pete's a Pizza

Pete's a Pizza

Pete's a Pizza by William Steig

     Pete was in a really bad mood because, just when he was ready to go outside to play with his friends, it started to rain.  His father, noticing that Pete looked miserable, "thinks it might cheer Pete up to be made into a pizza."  Pete's father lays him down on the kitchen table and starts pretending that he's pizza dough, kneading him, stretching him, and even tossing him up in the air.  The game continues until the pizza has all the toppings (with a tickled session in between steps) and it's placed in the oven (the couch). "It's time to slice our pizza," said Pete's father. "But the pizza runs away," and as his parents capture him and hug him, Pete sees that the sun has come out so he can go outside and play.
     This entertaining story about pretending to be pizza dough is based on a game that William Steig used to play with his younger daughter.  I'll guarantee you that once you read it out loud at home, you'll be asked to play it as well.  The illustrations are simple with ink and watercolors over a white background which pair perfectly with the text.  Pete's a Pizza is also published as a board book, so you can share it with the youngest ones at home.  A fun game/tale by the amazing Steig.

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