Aug 6, 2011

Alfie Runs Away

Alfie Runs Away

Alfie Runs Away by Kenneth M. Cadow
Illustrations by Lauren Castillo

     Alfie doesn't like taking baths, making his bed, setting the table or eating potatoes. And he could deal with all that, but when his mom said he had to give away his favorite red shoes, he'd had enough.  His mom tries to explain to him that his shoes are too tight, but he doesn't want to hear it and he tells her he's running away.  He puts on his shoes and he's ready to leave when his mom reminds him that he should take a water bottle, a flashlight with batteries, a blanket, a pillow, peanut butter, crackers and his Buddy Bear.  She hands him a large bag where he also stuffs his favorite books.  "I will put a hug in your bag," said his mother.  Alfie went out the back door and started walking away from the house into the backyard.  His bag was very heavy and his back was hurting so he took out the blanket and spread it on the ground, took out his snack and pillow and laid there with his Buddy Bear.  His feet were hot and sore (from the tight shoes) so he took them off and put them on his Bear, thinking he won't be able to outgrow them.  As the sun went down and Alfie felt sleepy and lonely, he looked inside his bag for the hug his mom had packed for him...luckily, he saw his mom walking towards him with her arms spread open wide.
     Alfie Runs Away is a tender story of a boy having to confront growing up.  He's too big for his favorite shoes and finds a new home for them on the paws of his teddy bear.  Castillo's beautiful illustrations really capture Alfie's rebellious character (I'm a big fan of her illustrations, see Melvin and the Boy).

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