Aug 1, 2011

Perfect Square

Perfect Square

Perfect Square by Michael Hall

     "It was a perfect square. It had four matching corners and four equal sides. And it was perfectly happy." But then came Monday and the square was cut into pieces with holes, and it wasn't perfect anymore. So the square turned itself into a fountain. Each day of the week, the square is turned into something new as it is cut, torn, shredded, shattered, snipped, crumpled. The square became a garden, a river, a mountain, a park, a bridge...Then on Sunday nothing happened to the square (and we see him frown). Thankfully he can turn itself into a widow and look out to see mountains, rivers, bridges...
     Perfect Square is fantastic and imaginative book. It's colorful and offers plenty of opportunities to turn the reading time into craft time, where readers can attempt to turn the square into all the things that he's turned into in the text.  Beautiful book!

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