Sep 18, 2011

The Adventures of Polo

The Adventures of Polo by Regis Faller

     Polo is an adventurous dog.  He leaves his tree island with his backpack stocked full of everything he might need for an adventure. And what an adventure he has!  He walks tight rope over the ocean, climbs magical ladders up to the sky where he rides clouds as cars. He sails across the seas and dives for an underwater adventure. He rides a whale, visits the North Pole, plays music with monkeys, and even flies up to space.  All along the way, he's making new friends.
     The Adventures of Polo is a wonderful wordless picture book.  Actually, it's more of a wordless graphic novel since it's 80 pages long.  What I love about Polo is how easily it transitions from setting to setting as if in a dream. It almost feels like stream of consciousness where nothing is impossible.  The illustrations are enchanting and it will captivate early readers.  I've become a big fan of picture books since it leaves room for young children to become narrators and add their own interpretation to the story.  There are other Polo books, so I'll be enjoying those soon.

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