Sep 19, 2011

Duck Duck Moose

Duck, Duck, Moose

Duck Duck Moose by Dave Horowitz

     Moose, wearing his awesome "I Love NH" t-shirt, is enjoying the cool weather. His two friends, the ducks, are definitely not.  It's time for them to head south.  Duck and Other Duck invite Moose to go south with them, but all Moose wants to do is get himself some pancakes.  Moose goes to Bear's Cave to invite him to have pancakes but Bear is already hibernating.  He checks out his favorite restaurant, Pancake Hut, but it's close for the season.  So Moose decides to join the ducks.  They get in a car and start their trek along the eastern seaboard.  They reach Florida and they have a blast together, hanging out at the beach, orange picking, golfing, even watching a shuttle launch. Winter is now over and it's time to go back home...and Moose cries all the way back. He now loves the warm weather and is proudly wearing a new t-shirt: I Love Florida.
     Duck Duck Moose is a hilarious road trip/family vacation tale.  The Moose is an adorable character that kids will surely embrace.  The details and little jokes included in the illustration will delight adults as well.  Its text is easy enough for young readers without losing it's read-aloud potential.  Great book to introduce migration and adaptations as well.

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