Sep 26, 2011

The Boy Who Longed for a Lift

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The Boy Who Longed for a Lift by Norma Farber
Illustrated by Brian Selznick

     A boy's family welcomed a baby into their home, and as the parents focused on the new arrival, the boy embarked on a solo journey.  He walked a long way and as he got tired he cried, "Who'll offer me a ride? Who'll carry me far and wide?"   A brook carried him first, followed by a boat, a trout, a snail, a horseman, a gull and the rain.  Finally, he decided to continue his journey afoot until he made his way back home. "His father ran out, strong and swift, and gave the boy a lift." (This time around, the baby is the one being ignored.)
     The Boy Who Longed for a Lift is told in rhyme.  The illustrations by Selznick are wonderful and there are many hidden details to discover during careful readings; there are world landmarks drawn in some pages as well as clues as to what the boy will ride next.     The repetition and rhyme, as well as the adventure theme, make this a nice read aloud.

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