Sep 27, 2011

Squish Rabbit

Squish Rabbit by Katherine Battersby

     Squish was a little rabbit, so tiny he sometimes got overlooked or stepped on -"which is how he got his name"-  Nobody listened to his stories either and that made him feel truly lonely. So Squish sewed himself a friend with whom to play. "But pretend friends can only do so much."  He then tried to play with a tree, but that didn't quite work out either, so Squish threw a little tantrum.  In the middle of his tiny meltdown, Squish kicked an apple and a little squirrel hiding atop the tree, thought Squish was playing.  A new friend in tow, our little rabbit realizes that friendship makes him feel bigger.
     Squish Rabbit is lovely.  The deceptively simple text flows and it's accompanied by beautiful illustrations with ink and collage.  Squish is an adorable character that manages to express in his tiny, uneven dot eyes all the pain of being lonely and the joy of finding a friend.  This book is a great addition to any young reader's picture book collection.  

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