Sep 10, 2011

Sergio and the Hurricane

Sergio and the Hurricane

Sergio and the Hurricane by Alexandra Wallner

     Sergio lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  His house is across the street from the ocean.  He lives at home with his mama, papa, his dog Peanut, and cat Misu.  The ocean is usually turquoise, but today it looks dark green and the waves are too choppy for small boats.  Sergio knows that means that a storm is coming, but it isn't until he talks with his friend Raffi that he actually finds out that a hurricane is approaching the island.  Everybody around the island is preparing for the storm, buying groceries and supplies and boarding up the windows of homes and stores.  At home, Sergio's papa is reinforcing the shutters. Sergio is excited about the hurricane because he doesn't remember the last time one hit the island.
     The hurricane hits in the late afternoon and, as the night falls and the winds increase, Sergio begins to feel afraid. He spends the night in his parents' bed and wakes up to witness the devastation left behind by the hurricane.  Trees have been uprooted, roofs ripped off, and power lines snapped.  For weeks the family has no power or water.   "After many months, most people had repaired and painted their houses and cleaned up their streets."  Sergio knew he would never forget the hurricane and would never wish for one again.
     Sergio and the Hurricane provides a good description of the experience of living through a hurricane.  The illustrations complement the text and add details to the hurricane devastation.  My young son, who just went through the experience of a hurricane, identified himself with Sergio and commented on all the feelings he had during the hours we spent dealing with the storm.

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