Oct 20, 2011

More Bears!

More Bears! by Kenn Nesbitt
Illustrated by Troy Cummings

     An author is sitting in front of his computer typing up his latest story,  "This story was a lovely story with absolutely no bears in it -not a single bear anywhere. Then one day..."  That's when out of nowhere, the author hears voices shouting MORE BEARS!  Although the author tries to resist and keep writing his bear-free story, the insistent children yelling MORE BEARS! eventually convince him to add them to his story.  At first, it's just a little baby bear. Then, when the children clamor for more, he ends up adding a hilarious crew of bears of all sizes and occupations (even a Bulgarian Astrobear who always kept a hamster in his pocket).  And if as an author you get tired of so many bears taking over your story, well, there's always chickens.
     More Bears is definitely meant to be read aloud with full audience participation.  It's hilarious.  The bears the author comes up with will have kids rolling and the illustrations match the humor of the text.  Perfect for the preschool and early elementary classrooms.

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