Oct 9, 2011

Pig Kahuna

Pig Kahuna by Jennifer Sattler

     Fergus and his little brother Dink love the beach.  They loved looking for treasures that the waves would leave behind on the shore, like seaweed, pebbles, and a shell "that might be an actual shark's tooth."  Looking for treasures on the shore was okay, as along as you didn't have to go in the water, where there was "a lurking, murky ickiness."  On that special Saturday, the ocean brought ashore a special present for Fergus and Dink, a surfboard.  They named it Dave, decorated it, and found many 'dry' uses for it, like pretending to use it as a row boat, or dancing on top of it.  While Fergus leaves to get some ice cream, Dink sends Dave back into the ocean.  Fergus rushes to save Dave without thinking of his fear of the ocean, and soon enough, he's surfing along.
     Pig Kahuna is a fun story about brotherhood and bravery.  Fergus' quick attachment to the surfboard, makes him forget his own fears and sends him into the ocean to save it.  The illustrations by Sattler are vibrant and comical and will delight young readers.  Fun read aloud.

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