Nov 28, 2011


Ice by Arthur Geisert

     I'm a huge fan of Geisert.  He always connects with a younger me, the one that dreamed up mousetrap-like contraptions and elaborate scavenger hunts.  His latest wordless book, Ice, had me flipping its pages back and forth, admiring his detailed illustrations and ingenious solution to the main problem in the book.  There is a group of pigs living on an island. The sun is shining down relentlessly, the ground is dry and barren, and the pigs' well is running out of water.  Some pigs are trying to keep cool with fans, but they know they need to come up with something. Quick.  In each page there is a hint, a clue, as to what's to come. We see a boat docked on the island.  The pigs sail...actually, they fly their boat with balloons, all the way to the north pole to find a new source of water: ice.  How will they bring the iceberg back to their island?
     If you haven't check out any of Geisert's book yet, you must do so immediately.  They are a treat. And as much as I love the written word, there is something quite special about wordless books.  This is one of those that are worth sharing and looking at over and over again.  In the classroom, wordless books like this can be used as a picture guide for students to write out the story the author has told us through his illustrations. Did I already tell you I'm a huge Geisert fan?
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