Nov 24, 2011


Stars by Mary Lyn Ray
Illustrated by Marla Frazee

     Stars appear in the sky, one by one, "and the dark that comes doesn't feel so dark."  You can't catch them but you can make your own with shiny paper, cut it out and keep it in your pocket.  There are many stars out there, like the one that shows you're the sheriff or the one at the end of your magic wand.  Snowflakes and flowers are also little stars.  And somedays you feel like a star, and others not so much.  But at the end of the day, you can put your PJs on, look up at the sky and know that even if you can't always see them, starts are there every night, every where.
     Stars is a beautiful book, perfect for bedtime.  Ray's text speaks to children with a honest tone while remaining lyrical.  Frazee's illustrations are spot on. Her portraits of children are delightful, and every page turn offers a new spread, with new tones and detailed expressions.  Lovely.

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