Dec 25, 2011

Mrs. Claus Takes a Vacation

Mrs. Claus Takes a Vacation by Linas Alsenas
Illustrated by Linas Alsenas
Published by Scholastic Press

     Mrs. Claus is tired of staying behind year after year. She's never had a vacation in her life and she's tired of the snow. So she packs her bag, hitches a reindeer to the sleigh and says bye to Santa.  While Santa worries each day that she's gone and misses her terribly, Mrs.Claus travels all over the globe. She goes to beaches in Brazil, dances in Romania, visits the Taj Majal and eats sushi in Japan.  But after a while, everything starts reminding her of home and she knows is time to go back.
     Mrs. Claus Takes a Vacation is a tender holiday story.  Mrs. Claus' adventures around the globe are delightful with bright and large illustrations (and a reindeer hiding in each page). In contrast,  Santa's pages, where we see him sad and longing for his wife, have smaller illustrations and are framed with holiday borders. She, for once, seems larger than life. Once she's back home, Santa gives her the world by inviting her to join him on his sleigh Christmas Eve.  This surprisingly romantic holiday story is sure to delight young readers and adults alike.

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