Feb 4, 2012

CelebriTrees. Historic & Famous Trees of the World

CelebriTrees by Margi Preus
Illustrated by Rebecca Gibbon
Published by Henry Holt and Company

     You know you have found a special non-fiction picture book, when you keep saying, "Wow!" aloud and you look around for somebody to share with all the amazing things you just learned. That's exactly what happened to me as I read CelebriTrees.  This wonderful picture book profiles fourteen trees that have been labeled "Celebritrees" for their global fame and historical significance.  There is Methuselah, a Bristlecone Pine in Inyo National Forest in California that is around 4,800 years old.  Or General Sherman, a Giant Sequoia who's branches are "bigger than any tree growing east of the Mississippi River." The Bhodi Tree in Sri Lanka, said to be the tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment.  Or maybe your favorite will be the Major Oak in the Sherwood Forest, where Robin Hood and his men used to hide from pursuers. Each tree in this collection is more captivating than the next.
     The illustrations by Gibbon capture the grandeur and beauty of each of the trees.  At the end of the book, there is more information about each of the trees profiled, as well as environmental science resources and ways to help protect and grow new celebritrees.  This a truly captivating non-fiction book that belongs in all classroom libraries.

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