Feb 3, 2012

Henry in Love

Henry in Love by Peter McCarty
Illustrated by Peter McCarty
Published by Balzer + Bray

     Henry woke up to the smell of delicious blueberry muffins that his mom had made for him to take to school.  Henry is a boy of few words, especially when it comes to his lovely classmate Chloe. Chloe can do awesome cartwheels, and she's not shy at all.  And today of all days, the teacher has moved Henry's seat so that he's right next to Chloe! And it's snack time.  He has saved the muffin all day and as he takes it out, Henry gives his beautiful blueberry muffin to Chloe.
     Henry in Love is a beautiful book.  The cream color pages and gorgeous illustrations by McCarty, set the perfect mood for Henry's love.  When he thinks about Chloe, the pages fill with flowers.  Henry in Love will appeal to even the shyest kid, with a sweet school crush. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

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