Mar 7, 2012

Memoirs of a Goldfish

Memoirs of a Goldfish by Devin Scillian
Illustrated by Tim Bowers
Published by Scholastic

     The first day, he swam around his fishbowl. The second day, he did the same thing, twice. Third day? same thing. But by day four, the goldfish sees something new inside his fishbowl.  Goldfish finds his new companion (a scuba diver figurine) to be kind of creepy: "He doesn't say anything. He just bubbles." By day 6, a bunch of plants are added. "I guess I'll have to water them. Great." And then it just starts getting crowded inside the fishbowl: first a snail, then a crab, then a pair of guppies and even "an angelfish named Cha-Cha who says she's from Hollywood." Goldfish has no room left to turn around.  Day Eleven: he's a nervous wreck. Day Twelve? He lost it and screamed, "I want my bowl back."  When he gets his wish, will he be able to enjoy his newly found solitude or will he miss his fishbowl companions?
    Memoirs of a Goldfish is told in first person following the format of a diary.  The daily entries by the goldfish are full of voice and personality, and the characters that move one by one into his bowl add to the hilarity of the tale.  With great illustrations and funny situations, Memoirs of a Goldfish is a great read aloud.

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