May 30, 2011

Press Here

     Press Here

Press Here by Herve Tullet

     I was at a bookstore today with my family and from very far away I saw this cover of a book on the children's section.  Simple, white with a yellow dot in the middle and the words PRESS HERE.  I couldn't resist. I walked directly up to it and called my son over to sit down and read it with me.  What a find!  Press Here is one of the most original and entertaining picture books I've seen in a long time (it's a French import and its original title is actually Un Livre).  
     As you open the book, you are immediately asked by the writer to become and active participant and follow his commands.  By the way, at the end of the day all kids enjoy following specific commands -it gives them a sense of order and security-. especially when the commands create a sort of magic result, as it's the case in Press Here.  

(Press Here and turn the page)

(Great! Now press the yellow dot again.)

     As you go through the pages, more dots appear, with different color and sizes and they seem to dance around the pages as a result of the interaction between the writer and its obedient reader.  Rub the yellow dot three times and it turns read in the following page; shake the book and the dots scatter all over; tilt the book, and the dots seem to be about to fall of the edge.  My son was completely captivated.   When the book cheered him on and congratulated him on following the steps, he was excited and eager to continue...and to read it again and again. This is the interactive book for the iPhone generation. It really is fantastic!

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