Apr 7, 2011

Fight of the Dodo

Flight of the Dodo

Flight of the Dodo by Peter Brown
Illustrated by Peter Brown

     Penguin is having a good day. It's nice outside and he's going for a waddle, when a goose poops on him. "If I could fly I'd at least watch where I pooped!"  This is the last drop. Penguin decides that he's had enough. It's time to figure out a way to fly.  So he gathers other Waddlers and finds a way to explore the skies.  Once up there he runs into trouble and needs the help of the Flappers...the geese.
     Flight of the Dodo is a hilarious story about not giving up on your dreams and the quest for adventure...and poop.  What kid can resist a book with a great storyline and beautiful illustrations that just happens to mention poop more than once? I can't think of any.  Peter Brown has definitely become on my favorite authors.


  1. This blog is so cute! I have an uncontrolled love for picture books. Makes me become horribly nostalgic about the time I was a child.

  2. Thank you Ants! Glad you enjoy the blog.