Jul 4, 2011

Mitchell's License

Mitchell's License

Mitchell's License by Hallie Durand
Illustrated by Tony Fucile

"Mitchell was three years, nine months, and five days old when he got his license." He never wanted to go to sleep so his dad came up with a master plan: to let Mitchell drive to bed. Mitchell's drivers license allows him to drive his dad all over the house by riding on his shoulders. He checked the car's tires (dad's shoes), the engine (through dad's belly button), the windshield (dad's glasses) and using dad's ears as his steering wheel, they take off running all over the house. Their final destination: Mitchell's bed. And so begins a new routine to be perfected night after night, always culminating with an exhausted dad and a sleepy Mitchell tucked safely in his bed.
Mitchell's License is a blast. Riding on dad's shoulders and pretending that he's a car is full of clever and funny situations. My son loves this book and all the funny images, like when Mitchell drives his father into a wall, or when he takes him to the gas station (the kitchen) to fill up (with chocolate chip cookies). The illustrations by Tony Fucile (who also illustrated Bink and Gollie by Kate diCamilo) are hilarious. This is a great book for fathers and sons to share at bedtime.

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