Jul 3, 2011

Childhood books

     Today I'm doing something a bit different.  It's my birthday so instead of writing about one picture book, I figure I would make a quick list of the most important books of my childhood (picture books, chapter books and young adult books...basically any book that meant something to me and that I read before high school.  So here it goes in no particular order:

The Adventures of Tintin: Collector's Gift SetThe Adventures of Tintin by Herge

Asterix the GaulAsterix the Gaul by Gosciny

Frederick [English Edition]Frederick by Leo Lionni

Mouse SoupMouse Soup by Arnold Lobel

The Little PrinceThe Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Neverending StoryThe Neverending Story by Michael Ende

The list goes on an on...but many of them I read in Spanish and are sadly out of print so I promise further research to include them later. Happy Birthday to me!


  1. La casa que creció, La escuela embrujada...I have forgotten the authors.It should be impossible to get them now :( And do you remember those stories about a "special" little vampire, written in the 80´s by Angela Sommer Bodemburg?

  2. Naty just to add some books:
    Any Enid Blyton book of the famous five series
    TEO's books (spanish)

    and another one called La casa que crecía, or something similar, about a kid that wanted a bigger house and started watering it, remember?

  3. Los de Teo se me pasó incluirlos! El de La Casa que Creció y La Escula Encantada son mis dos favoritos pero no los consigo por ningún lado. Me ayudas? He buscado por Amazon y EBay...

  4. También debí haber incluido los de Jules Verne... Y Mi Primera Enciclopedia.