Nov 6, 2011

The Vole Brothers

The Vole Brothers by Roslyn Schwartz

The Vole Brothers, two little rodents, are very hungry. When they get a sniff of a delicious smell, they follow it all the way to a pizza slice. A cat, who also went after the smell, gets there first and the brothers must outsmart him to get the slice. They do, but in a matter of seconds they lose the slice to hungry birds and ants. The cat eventually nabs them is about to eat them for dinner, when at the last moment they catch a very lucky break and land on their feet, with plenty of food to eat.
The Vole Brothers is written in comic book style. There is plenty of action and adventure to entertained young readers. It can be used in the classroom as an example of onomatopoeia, and as a text innovation activity where students would write the narrative using the text as a storyboard.

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