Nov 7, 2011

You're Finally Here!

You're Finally Here! by Melanie Watt

     In the style of Mo Willem's Pigeon books, where the character talks directly to the reader, Melanie Watt brings us You're Finally Here!  A bright eyed, energetic bunny, is super pumped up about the fact that you, the reader, have finally showed up.  He flips, plays maracas and guitars and shouts "Hooray!" to celebrate.  But wait, he's also annoyed at you, "but where were you?", he's been waiting for you to show up for a long time ("long enough to gather dust bunnies.") And bunny hates to wait. Waiting is really boring, unfair ("as unfair as getting picked last"), annoying ("as annoying as wearing an itchy sweater"), and rude ("as rude as talking with my mouth full").  Such a guilt trip! It's okay though, he's just really glad you finally made it and now all he wants is for you to stay...forever. He even writes up a contract to guarantee just that.  And just when you are getting ready to commit, bunny gets a phone call and gets so engrossed he ignores you, the reader, just long enough for you to turn the last page and walk away.
     You're Finally Here! is an funny read aloud.  Kids will surely respond to the loud shenanigans of bunny, his energy, and his complaints.    

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  1. This book drove me NUTS. I couldn't bring myself to read it to my son, but I'm sure he'd like it. It's just so ridiculous. :)