Feb 10, 2012


Bittle by Patricia MacLachlan & Emily MacLachlan
Illustrated by Dan Yaccarino
Published by Joanna Cotler Books

     Nigel the cat and Julia the dog, led a happy life with their owners. Nigel spent his days chasing mice in the fields and scratching rugs, and Julia relaxed and thought about bones and treats.  When their owners start repainting a room, buying booties, and bringing in new furniture, the pets realize that a baby is on its way.  The day the baby girl moved in, Julia commented that it didn't smell like anything she knew. "What good is she? She's just a little bit of a thing."  That's why Nigel decided to name the baby Bittle.  At first the pets were hesitant and didn't know exactly how they should feel about Bittle. But little by little their whole world starts to revolve around the baby. They played together, cuddled up to take naps together, and even shared their meals. So by the time Bittle is ready to say her first words, it becomes evident what a big part of her life Nigel and Julia have become.
      Bittle is a tender tale about the bond that's created between young children and their pets.  The illustrations by Yaccarino are bold and bright over their white backgrounds.  Children with pets will identify with Bittle right away, and those with no pets might be asking to get a dog and a cat as soon as they read Bittle.

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