Feb 11, 2012

When Blue Met Egg

When Blue Met Egg by Lindsay Ward
Illustrated by Lindsay Ward
Published by Dial Books for Young Readers

     "One snowy morning, Blue was awakened by something extraordinary flying through the air."  Below, unbeknownst to her, a group of kids were having a snowball fight, and one of the snowballs had landed right on her nest, on a big tree in Central Park.  Blue packed Egg inside a bucket and immediately began her search for Egg's mother.  With Egg in its bucket, Blue traveled all over Manhattan visiting all the spots where she had seen other birds hang out. She looked all over Central Park, along the street cart vendors, and even atop skyscrapers, but no bird seemed to be looking for Egg. She even made flyers announcing she had found Egg, but no luck. As the days went by, Blue spent the winter enjoying Egg's company, playing in the park, visiting the Metropolitan Opera House, and Guggenheim.  But the weather was getting warmer, and it didn't seem to be siting well with Egg.
     When Blue Met Egg is lovely. Truly lovely.  It's a story of friendship, companionship, loss, and new beginnings. As the reader, your heart aches as soon as you realize Blue will eventually loose Egg forever as soon as the winter cold ends.  Ward found a wonderful way of providing an uplifting ending and a new companionship that will forever connect Blue and Egg.  The illustrations using paper collages and mixed media are fantastic. I found myself looking for all the little details hidden in the type of paper that Ward was using. By the way, I give extra points to Ward for having found a fantastic way of turning those dreaded answer sheets that schools use for high stakes testing into beautiful art.  Also, the fact that the story takes place in NYC gives it an extra touch, finding something as small and sweet as Blue, making her way through such a big place and just owning it.  When Blue Met Egg is definitely going to be on my favorites of 2012 shelf. Don't miss this one!

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