Feb 13, 2012

East Dragon, West Dragon

East Dragon, West Dragon by Robyn Eversole
Illustrated by Scott Campbell
Published by Simon and Schuster

     "East Dragon lived in a palace. West Dragon lived in a cave."  They lived on opposite sides of the world and they didn't think too kindly of each other. "West Dragon thought East Dragon was a snob. East Dragon thought West Dragon was a slob."  They weren't quite sure who was stronger or fiercer, so they were a little bit afraid of each other and "kept a world between them, just in case."
     East Dragon lived a peaceful life with his eight brothers and sisters inside the emperor's palace, who loved having them around for good luck and wise advice.  On the other hand West Dragon was not treated kindly by the King and knights who were a total nuisance. They would barge into his cave "waving their silly swords," interrupting his naps.  So when West Dragon gives the king a map to guide his knights to a land far East full of treasure and adventures, the two worlds are set to collide.  What will happen when the two dragons meet?
     East Dragon, West Dragon is a wonderful twist on "The City Mouse and the Country Mouse" story.  Its  filled with humor and wonderfully paced.  The watercolor illustrations by Campbell add to the whimsical feeling, full of details and clever anachronism (Karaoke, piñatas, video-games and pizza!). Wonderful way to bring two worlds into a classroom discussion with tons of fun, but also the possibility of a serious conversation about stereotypes and preconceptions.  Loved it!

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  1. East Dragon, West Dragon sounds great. My second graders will love it. Adding this one to my library list! Thanks for all your great posts. Extra Yarn sounds great too!