Feb 12, 2012

Aggie Gets Lost

Aggie Gets Lost by Lori Ries
Illustrated by Frank W. Dormer
Published by Charlesbridge

     Ben took his dog Aggie for a walk in the park.  He took the leash off to play fetch and threw his red ball as far as he could.  Aggie went running after it and Ben lost sight of her.  He waited and waited, but Aggie never came back. His parents helped him look for her, made signs and called the neighbors, but that night Ben went to bed sad, not knowing if he would ever see his adored dog again.  When he returned to the park the next day, a blind man showed him how to see with his other senses, and soon enough Ben heard the calls coming from Aggie, deep in the forest.
     Aggie Gets Lost is organized in three short chapters: The Bad Day, The Awful Night, and Found! What I found to be special about Aggie Gets Lost is that it is an early reader book, with simple text, but nevertheless, it captures the pain and feelings of loss that someone who looses a pet faces.  Excellent addition to any Early Reader's library.

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