Oct 11, 2011

A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home by Alexis Deacon
Illlustrated by Viviane Schwarz

     A group of rodent siblings (they might be hamsters based on the "Lost" poster on the wall), have been growing inside a small dark hole.  As they get bigger, they outgrow it, and they have to go out into the world.  Unknown to them, their hole was in an abandoned sofa inside a junkyard.  At first they are very afraid of their new surroundings, but they know they must work together to find a new home.  The brothers embark on a hilarious adventure (within the walls of the junkyard) full of surprises,  making their way across ponds, mountains, deserts, a labyrinth (the inside of a dryer) and even a monster (the watch dog).  They find their way out into a place they will be able to call home.
     A Place to Call Home is told in a comic book style, with dialogue boxes and panels.  Each little rodent has its own voice and personality.  The text and the illustrations combine to make this a hilarious read, one you'll go back to more than once.

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